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🇨🇦 Relocate to Canada as a Driver on a Work Visa – Potential Earnings of $6700 Monthly

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In Canada, driving a taxi for a full 8-hour workday for an entire month could yield earnings of up to CAD$6700.

However, prerequisites include possessing a legitimate Canadian LTV driving permit and at least basic proficiency in English or French.

In this piece, I delve into your queries about generating income as a taxi driver in Canada, the type of taxi driving permit needed, and the legal pathway to becoming a taxi driver in the country.

Delving into the Pay of a Taxi Driver in Canada

A compelling factor to consider this career path in Canada is the lucrative income potential.

Based on recent findings, taxi drivers in Canada are making a substantial income that averages between CAD$3000-$6700 per month with full-time commitment for an entire month.

Here is a comprehensive breakdown of taxi driver salaries across all Canadian regions in 2024:

Taxi Driver Salaries in Canada 2024 Hourly Salary 8 hours/Day Salary 1 Month Salary (8 hours/day)
Quebec 15.25 $122 $3660
Newfoundland and Labrador 14.98 $119.84 $3595
Alberta 21.37 $170.96 $5100
Nunavut 28.14 $225.12 $6750
Nova Scotia 14.5 $116 $3480
British Columbia 19.23 $153.84 $4615
Ontario 16.67 $133 $3990
Manitoba 14.15 $113.20 $3396
Canada (Overall) 15.91 $127.28 $3818

Is Immigration to Canada for a Taxi Driver Position Possible?

The straightforward answer is ‘Yes’. You can immigrate to Canada for roles like taxi driver, chauffeur, or limousine driver in 2024.

However, the final authority for such decisions is CIC Canada. If these roles fall under the skill shortage category in any Canadian provinces, immigration would be a simpler process.

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Occasionally, specific Canadian taxi companies and hotels with chauffeur or limousine driver demands also post job vacancies for skilled international employees, with approval from CIC Canada (Ref CICNEWS).

Steps to Immigrate to Canada as a Taxi Driver/Chauffeur in 2024

The process is quite straightforward. Simply visit the Canadian immigration/employment portal and search for roles such as driver, taxi driver, limousine driver, or chauffeur by entering their respective NOC codes.

This will provide a list of available positions in Canada for which you can then apply by submitting your credentials, thus beginning your immigration process in 2024.

Meanwhile, you can reference the following list of 17 driver occupations that are currently in high demand in Canada in 2024:

1 Taxicab driver
2 Funeral chauffeur
3 Limousine driver
4 Private household chauffeur
5 Long vehicle driver
6 Ambulance driver
7 Airport limousine driver
8 Hearse driver
9 Route driver
10 Taxi owner-operator
11 Private chauffeur
12 Funeral driver
13 Company chauffeur
14 Taxi driver
15 Bus driver
16 Small van driver
17 Truck driver

Pre-Requisites for a Driving Job in Canada

First and foremost, you are required to take the IELTS exam and achieve a minimum CLB score of 4 to be eligible to apply for a driving job in Canada for immigration purposes.

As an alternative to IELTS, you can opt to take the French language proficiency exam, CELPIP.

Once you’ve cleared this stage, you would need to complete an online educational credential assessment (ECA) which is available free of charge.

Additional requirements include a minimum of 3 months of vocational driving training, a solid driving record backed with proven work experience, clear medical and criminal records, and a valid international driving license to apply for driving jobs in Canada in 2024 with a work visa.

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