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🇦🇺 Highest Paying Jobs in Australia in 2024 (According to the Australian Department of Taxation)

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Having devoted several years to acquiring your qualifications and earning your degrees, it’s natural that you would not want to settle for a job that offers a modest or low salary for the rest of your life.

Given your potential, both in terms of qualifications and earning capacity, you’ll undoubtedly be interested in securing a job that pays well.

However, finding the right job requires a deep dive into data to determine the countries offering the highest salaries along with a good work/life balance.


In this article, we’re focusing on the top 10 high-income professions in Australia, based on the latest salary information published by the Australian Department of Taxation.

Before we delve into the data, let’s briefly look at the sectors that dominate this list of high-income professions in Australia, namely Healthcare, Financial Services, Mining, and Engineering, which account for a majority of high-salary occupations in the country.

2024’s Top Earning Occupations in Australia

Below, you’ll find a comprehensive table that analyzes the 10 occupations with the highest salaries in Australia, according to the RTO report, with details on salaries and the total number of individuals who paid income tax in the 2024-2024 fiscal year:

Ranking Australian Jobs With Highest Salaries (RTO Report) Total  Workers Annual Salary
1 Surgeons 4157  A$457,281/year
2 Anesthetists 3461  A$426,894/year
3 Financial dealers 4761  A$341,798/year
4 Internal medicine specialists 10055  A$334,267/year
5 Psychiatrists 3071  A$270,412/year
6 Other medical practitioners 28947  A$251,722/year
7 Mining engineers 9127  A$198,178/year
8 Judicial or other legal professionals 4025  A$193,388/year
9 Chief Executive Managing directors or (CEO) 224015  A$177,508/year
10 Financial investment managers or advisors 20268  A$169,608/year
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As indicated by the RTO report, 5 of the top 10 high-income jobs are in the healthcare industry in Australia.

Within this sector, surgeons and anesthesiologists command the highest salaries, followed by specialists in international medicine, psychiatrists, and nursing staff, among others.

Specifically, surgeons in Australia’s healthcare sector earn an impressive salary of AUD $457,281, with a total of 4157 surgeons currently working in the system.

This suggests that if you’re a seasoned surgeon considering job opportunities in Australia, you could potentially earn a similar income.

Likewise, anesthesiologists also earn substantial salaries in Australia, with 3461 anesthetists earning an average annual salary of AUD $426,894 according to the RTO income tax report.

The third highest-paying job on this list is financial advisors/dealers, with 4761 professionals in this field earning an average annual salary of AUD $341,798.

They’re closely followed by mining engineers, with 9127 professionals earning an average annual salary of AUD $198,178.

In the legal profession, there are over 4000 professionals in Australia earning a top-recorded salary of AUD $193,388 annually.

On the ninth spot, we have CEOs, with the largest workforce of 224,015, earning a top salary of AUD $177,508 per annum.


It’s clear that Australia’s job market offers an array of high-paying professions across various sectors, with healthcare leading the way.

The statistics reveal promising opportunities for professionals in various fields including healthcare, financial services, mining, and engineering.

It’s important to remember that your income potential is greatly influenced by your qualifications, experience, and chosen field.

Therefore, if you’re seeking a rewarding career both professionally and financially, considering these top-paying roles in Australia could be a strategic move.

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Always stay updated with industry trends and ensure you continue to hone your skills and qualifications to increase your earning potential in your chosen profession.

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