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Navigating UK Job Searches with Sponsorship Support 2024/2024

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Securing employment in the UK as an international applicant presents distinct hurdles.

While the journey may seem overwhelming, chiefly because you typically require a British employer holding a sponsor licence ready to hire and endorse you for a Skilled Worker visa, it becomes manageable with the right guidance, tools, and plan.

Delve into this guide for in-depth details on mastering the UK employment scene, obtaining sponsorship, comprehending the associated expenses, and beyond.

1 Deciphering the Basics

1.1 Demystifying the Sponsor Licence The UK Home Office bestows a sponsor licence to corporations and institutions, enabling them to employ non-UK nationals needing UK work permits.

These licences stand valid for a tenure of four years, after which a renewal is mandatory. Procuring this licence costs £536 for non-profit organizations and small businesses, whereas it’s £1,476 for larger entities.

1.2 Different Visa Categories While the Skilled Worker visa dominates the UK work visa scene, there are additional options such as the Innovator Founder visa, Global Talent visa, and specific UK Global Business Mobility visas like the UK Expansion Worker visa.

1.3 Grasping the Concept of Certificate of Sponsorship The sponsoring company provides a certificate of sponsorship (CoS), which is pivotal for the worker to lodge their Skilled Worker visa application. Each CoS has a price tag of £199.

2 Landing a Sponsored Job

2.1 Platforms for Sponsorship Jobs There are numerous avenues to explore jobs that offer sponsorship. Renowned platforms include UKHired, mainstream job portals, and the Home Office’s official list of licensed sponsors.

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Exploring search engines like Google or Bing could also yield fruitful results.

2.2 Spotting High-Demand Professions Certain sectors in the UK are constantly on the lookout for talented international professionals. Notable sectors include investment banking, legal services, and finance.

The UK Shortage Occupation List offers a detailed inventory of professions in high demand.

2.3 Broadening Your Horizon Apart from the conventional Skilled Worker visa, considering pathways like the Global Talent visa or the Innovator Founder visa can be advantageous.

3 Decoding the Application Procedure

3.1 Job Prerequisites Beyond securing a sponsor, the job in contention must align with the visa category’s stipulations.

3.2 Embarking on the Sponsorship Visa Journey Embarking on the sponsorship visa route demands adherence to visa stipulations and the correct application protocol.

The CoS, bearing a distinct reference number, is indispensable for the visa petition.

4 Apprehending the Financial Aspects

4.1 Immigration Skills Levy This charge acts as a fee for businesses employing international talents. Charges vary based on the size of the sponsor.

4.2 Visa Application Expenses These fees fluctuate based on various factors including visa duration and occupation type.

4.3 Immigration Health Fee This is an additional charge on the visa application, levied at £624 per visa year, paid upfront.

5 Overcoming Potential Roadblocks

5.1 Securing a Sponsor The key lies in showcasing your unparalleled skills and expertise to prospective employers.

5.2 Achieving English Proficiency English proficiency is paramount. This can be established via various means including academic qualifications and recognized tests.

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7 Parting Thoughts

Although navigating the UK job landscape with sponsorship aspirations might appear challenging, armed with the right tools and strategies, success is within grasp.

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