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Finland D Visa Guides

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Exciting Opportunities Await Job Seekers!

Introducing the Finland D Visa, a rapid work visa initiative rolled out by the Finnish Government in June 2023.

The goal? Speedy visa approvals in merely 10 days. This strategy is Finland’s approach to swiftly resolve its labor deficiencies.

In this guide, we’ll provide an in-depth look into the Finland D Work Visa Process of 2024. All individuals from outside the EU, needing a Visa for Finland, can benefit from the Finland D Visa opportunity.

Whether you’re a student, scholar, business pioneer, specialist, or professional, the D Visa beckons.

What’s even more exciting? Finland boasts over 42 endorsed employers keen on international talents. Secure a job with them and they’ll pave the way for your Residence Permit. Once you have it, apply for the D Visa at the Finnish embassy and anticipate your visa in a mere 10 days.

Why The Introduction of the D Visa?

With an evident skills vacuum, Finland hopes to promptly bridge the employment gaps across various sectors through the D Visa.

Finnish Approved Employers Aplenty

The Finnish Immigration authorities have vetted and presented a lineup of 42 esteemed employers. These organizations are ripe with job openings.

Certified employers have the nod from the Finnish Immigration Service to enlist international candidates.

Landing the Job Offer from Approved Employers

Once you clinch that coveted job offer letter, the subsequent phase involves obtaining the Residence Permit.

Residence Permit Essentials for Employees

Post securing a job, your employer is poised to streamline the residence permit process for you. With a green signal on your residence permit application, you’re set for the Finland D Visa.

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Note: Your residence permit card awaits you in Finland. Dive deeper about the Residence Permit here.

Navigating the Finland D Visa Application – A 10-Day Affair

With a job in the bag and a residence permit at hand, your next stop is the Finland embassy. Submit your D Visa application along with the necessary documents.

Documentation requirements can oscillate based on countries. However, with the D Visa, a 10-day window is all it takes. Soon, you’ll be prepped for your Finnish journey.

Eligibility for the Finland D Visa

EU residents, take note! You’re exempt from visa requirements given Finland’s European status. To ascertain your visa needs, delve into the Finland’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs website.

Preliminary Documents for Finland D Visa:

  • Job affirmation from a Finnish sanctioned employer
  • Residence permit credentials
  • Regular passport
  • Educational proofs

Also Read:

D Visa Duration: Commencing at 2 years, the D Visa is open to extensions. Post a 4-year tenure, you’re in line for Finland Permanent Residency, followed by citizenship.

Family Invitations: A 6-month window opens doors to invite your family to Finland, covering:

  • Your life partner
  • Offsprings under 18

Financial Implications for Finland D Visa and Residence Permit

  • D Visa Expense: Application costs stand at 95 Euros
  • Initial Residence Permit Outlay: 490 Euros

Embarking on the Finland D Visa Application Journey (2024 Guide)

Fit the bill? Here’s how to proceed:

  1. Secure that job offer.
  2. Obtain a favorable residence permit decision.

Fast-Track Procedure:

  • Navigate the speedy Residence permit application
  • Concurrently, apply for the D Visa. This lets you enter Finland even before your residence permit card is handed over.
  • Hand over your passport during your identity verification at the VFS center or Finnish consulate.
  • Once approved, the D Visa finds its place in your passport. Ready to take the plunge? Apply for the Finland D Visa here.
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Wrapping Up: The doors of Finland are wide open, particularly with the D Visa. Aimed at international talents, Finnish natives naturally don’t require any visa.

Common Queries The D Visa in Finland – What is it?

The Finland D Visa stands as a beacon for foreign talents to bridge the labor void in Finland. Initially spanning two years, it offers renewal options.

Introduced in June 2023 by the Finnish Government, its USP is the rapid 10-day visa approval mechanism.

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