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2024 WIPO Global Awards for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

WIPO Global Awards for Small and Medium Enterprises
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The WIPO Global Awards is a prestigious celebration that recognizes outstanding enterprises and individuals for their strategic utilization of intellectual property in commercialization, coupled with a positive impact on society through innovation and creativity.

This annual awards contest is open to applicants from WIPO’s 193 Member States and spans diverse economic sectors. Initially focused on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the contest expanded its scope in 2024 by introducing a new category specifically for startups. Looking ahead, there are plans to incorporate additional categories in forthcoming editions of the program, reflecting the dynamic and evolving landscape of innovation.

The WIPO Global Awards serve as a platform to highlight and honor those who leverage intellectual property as a powerful tool for economic growth and societal benefit. By acknowledging excellence in innovation and creativity, the awards program encourages a culture of strategic intellectual property management and showcases exemplary practices that inspire others to follow suit.

The WIPO Global Awards for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) represents an initiative aimed at recognizing and celebrating the innovative contributions of small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of intellectual property (IP). Launched by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), this global awards program underscores the critical role that SMEs play in driving economic growth, fostering innovation, and shaping the intellectual property landscape.

These awards serve as a platform to honor SMEs that have demonstrated exceptional creativity, inventiveness, and strategic use of intellectual property rights to enhance their competitiveness. By acknowledging and showcasing these achievements, WIPO aims to inspire other SMEs to recognize the value of intellectual property in their business strategies and innovation processes.

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The WIPO Global Awards for SMEs cover a range of categories, including patents, trademarks, industrial designs, and copyrights. The program encourages SMEs from diverse sectors and industries to participate, emphasizing the broad applicability of intellectual property across various business domains.

Participation in the awards program provides SMEs with global visibility and recognition for their IP-related achievements. Winners are not only celebrated for their innovative practices but also serve as exemplars for other enterprises aspiring to leverage intellectual property for strategic growth.

The WIPO Global Awards for Small and Medium Enterprises stand as a commendable initiative that not only applauds the ingenuity of SMEs but also seeks to elevate the importance of intellectual property as a crucial asset in fostering innovation, driving economic success, and shaping the future of businesses worldwide.

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for promoting the protection of intellectual property (IP) worldwide. Established in 1967, WIPO serves as a global forum for policymakers, business leaders, and experts to address intellectual property issues and establish international norms and standards.

WIPO plays a crucial role in facilitating cooperation among its member states to develop a balanced and effective international IP system. The organization administers various international treaties and agreements that aim to harmonize and streamline IP regulations, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and industrial designs.

WIPO’s global initiatives cover a broad spectrum of activities, including the promotion of innovation and creativity, capacity-building for IP professionals, and the development of tools and resources to assist inventors, creators, and businesses in managing their intellectual property rights. Additionally, WIPO is actively involved in efforts to bridge the global digital divide and ensure that developing countries can participate fully in the knowledge economy.

One notable initiative is WIPO’s Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), which facilitates the process of filing patent applications in multiple countries. WIPO’s Global Innovation Index (GII) is another significant effort, providing a comprehensive assessment of innovation capabilities and outcomes for economies around the world.

Eligibility Requirements For The WIPO Global Awards for Small and Medium Enterprises

  • The Awards Program is open to all SMEs located in at least one of WIPO’s 193 Member States and meeting the following conditions:
  • It is a registered business entity. Proof of registration is required.
  • It has no more than 300 employees and up to 15 US$ millions of total annual sales.
  • It is a holder of at least one registered IP right.
  • It is exporting its products or services to at least one country.


Winners will receive:

  • Travel to Geneva to attend the Awards Ceremony and special events (funded in
    accordance with WIPO’s rules),
  • A WIPO Trophy specifically designed for this Program,
  • Customized IP mentorship opportunities (considering, on a case-by-case basis, the
    business background and specific needs of the winners).
  • In addition, winners will be offered promotion, visibility and recognition through an Awards ceremony, special WIPO Awards webpage, WIPO media, and other external IP related media.

Application Deadline: March 31, 2024.

For More Information,

Visit the Official Website

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