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2024 AgriVuno Women in Agri Accelerator Programme.

AgriVuno Women in Agri Accelerator Program
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The AgriVuno Women in Agri Accelerator Program is a transformative initiative dedicated to empowering and advancing women in the agricultural sector. Launched with a focus on fostering entrepreneurship and leadership among women in agriculture, this accelerator program provides a platform for skill development, mentorship, and networking within the agribusiness ecosystem.

At the heart of the AgriVuno Women in Agri Accelerator Program is a commitment to addressing gender disparities in agriculture by creating opportunities for women to thrive in various aspects of the agri-food value chain. Recognizing the crucial role that women play in agriculture globally, the program aims to equip them with the necessary tools, knowledge, and support to overcome challenges and succeed in their ventures.

One key feature of the program is its comprehensive approach to capacity building. Participants benefit from specialized training, workshops, and mentorship programs designed to enhance their entrepreneurial skills, agricultural knowledge, and business acumen. The accelerator also facilitates networking opportunities, connecting women entrepreneurs with industry experts, investors, and fellow participants to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange.

AgriVuno places a strong emphasis on sustainable and inclusive agricultural practices. Participants in the Women in Agri Accelerator Program are encouraged to explore innovative solutions that not only contribute to the growth of their businesses but also align with principles of environmental sustainability and social impact.

By supporting women-led agribusinesses, the AgriVuno Women in Agri Accelerator Program contributes to broader goals of economic empowerment, food security, and community development. As women entrepreneurs navigate the challenges and opportunities within the agriculture sector, the program serves as a catalyst for positive change, promoting gender equality and creating a more inclusive and resilient agricultural landscape.

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The AgriVuno Women in Agri Accelerator Program stands as a pioneering initiative meticulously crafted to empower, educate, and elevate women within the agricultural sector. This innovative virtual program seamlessly blends elements of competition with comprehensive learning, creating a distinct platform for women agripreneurs to showcase their skills, push their boundaries, and catalyze transformative growth in their agribusinesses.

Spanning a dynamic 10-week period, participants will actively engage in a series of challenges and immersive learning modules, ultimately culminating in an exhilarating Gala event where top performers will be celebrated and acknowledged for their achievements.

Whether participants are vying for the coveted top spot in the competition or are eager to expand their agricultural knowledge and network, the AgriVuno Women in Agri Accelerator Program offers an unparalleled opportunity for growth, learning, and leadership in the ever-evolving landscape of agriculture. This initiative serves as a beacon for women agripreneurs, providing a platform where they can not only compete but also collaborate, learn, and emerge as influential leaders within the dynamic realm of agriculture.


Growth Competition: Step into a 10-week arena of challenge and opportunity in the AgriVuno Women in Agri Accelerator Program. Three elimination rounds will identify the top 10 finalists, showcasing their exceptional skills and innovative solutions in agriculture.
The three ultimate winners will receive various grand prizes and awards.

On-Site Insights: For the chosen top 10, our team will conduct on-site visits, offering a unique opportunity to display your project’s real-world impact and effectiveness.
All 10 Finalist will be eligible for a short promotional film production of their business and farm, allowing them to tell their story as a female agripeneur.

Comprehensive Learning Program: Participate in our impactful learning program, covering key areas like sustainable farming, agribusiness management, and marketing, complemented by expert-led sessions and interactive peer discussions.
Certification will be issued to all participants completing the program.

Post-Program Access: We believe in learning for all. Participants not advancing to the final rounds will have full access to the complete course content post-competition, ensuring a continuous learning journey for every ambitious agripreneur.

Gala Finale: The excitement peaks at the grand Gala event, where the three most outstanding participants will be crowned winners, celebrating their remarkable achievements in agricultural innovation.
The winner will be rewarded with various grand prizes and their businesses will be promoted via Digital Marketing and Radio interviews.

Requirements For The AgriVuno Women in Agri Accelerator Program

  • Fluency in English.
  • Age group between 18-50 years.
  • An Agribusiness in operation for 6 months or more.
  • A stable and good internet network connection.
  • Availability of a personal computer or device.
  • Willingness to set aside time for the program modules.

Selection Process

Weeks 1-6:
Interactive Virtual Workshops

  • The first six weeks are dedicated to virtual learning sessions. The curriculum includes sustainable farming practices, advanced agricultural techniques, business management, digital marketing strategies, and preparing for export markets.
  • These sessions are led by industry experts and aim to provide practical knowledge and skills that can be directly applied to their businesses.

Weeks 7-8:
Personal Development and Mentorship

  • Participants will undergo personal development assessments using advanced tools, helping them to identify their strengths and areas for improvement.
  • One-on-one mentorship sessions will be conducted, offering personalized guidance and support.

Weeks 9-10:
Preparation and Gala Event

  • The final phase involves preparing for the gala event. Participants will receive coaching on presentation skills and finalizing their pitches or showcases for the event.
  • The gala event is a physical gathering where participants, sponsors, industry leaders, and media come together. It serves as a platform for networking, celebrating the participants’ journey, and showcasing their achievements.

Method of Application

Visit The Official Website to Apply

For More Information,

Visit the Official Website

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